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Monday, 12 November 2018

Car Insurance for Sports Professionals in the UK

If you play sports for a living, you'll know that finding an insurance quote that covers you for everything you need at an affordable price can be very difficult. And whether you play football, cricket, rugby or any other sport, taking time out of your schedule to scour the market for cheap quotes is the last thing you need.
But fortunately, Adrian Flux understands the issues surrounding insurance for sports professionals, and our expert knowledge means that we can search the market for you to find a policy that provides the best level of protection, without punishingly high premiums.

While mainstream insurers are fearful of insuring professional sportspeople because of their high-profile status, the team at Adrian Flux is able to assess every insurance policy on its own merits and treat every sportsperson as an individual. This means that, whether you need car insurance or a household policy, your quote will be fair, and more competitive than you might think.

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